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Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD, FAAPMR
Physician-Scientist and Medical Geographer

I'm interested in the scientific study of Cannabis hemp flowers and its implications for health and society. The phenomenon of cannabinergy, an essential cell-to-cell signalling system found throughout the human body, was discovered through the integrative bioscientific study of Cannabis.

What's New?

Published Paper:Commentary- Use of cannabinoids in cancer care: palliative care.  Current Oncology  (2016)




My opening talk at the Jan 2016 Cannabis Health Summit, Pleasanton, CA. --

Cannabinoid Integrative Health 101. Full text of remarks here.

Please see cannabishealthsummit.com/bonus for complete summit.



View 2014 Hooked: Illegal Drugs Marijuana -- Aired on H2: History Channel.


Research Findings on Medical Cannabis on Howcast

View Research Findings on Medical Marijuana on Howcast


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